MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr)

Georgenstr. 47, 10117 Berlin

Image description: Two people look at the camera from inside room with trees and a blue sky behind them. On the left is Ren, a white trans*masculine person with curly hair, glasses and a hoop earring. On the right is Iz, a white autistic person wearing rose coloured glasses and a lilac coloured t-shirt.


MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Iz Paehr) study and experiment with shape-shifting processes as they meet technologies, sensory media and pedagogies in a warming world. Meltionary (derived from "dictionary"), is a growing collection of arts-design-research engagements that cooks up questions around material transformations alongside impulses from trans* feminism and disability justice. Melting as a kaleidoscope like phenomena touches upon multiple topics at once: climate change, the potential for political reformulations, change over time and material transformation. MELT shares work in the forms of videos, installations, websites, lectures, workshops and courses.

Data for Trans* and autistic thriving Anti-Ableist Tech

Zeitgeber: Research on Temporality

2022 – 2023
Fellows, Predicting Backwards Computer, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, NL
Fellows, Counting Feelings, MedienWerk NRW Media Art Fellows, University of Cologne, DE

2021 – 2022
Fellows, ACCESS SERVER, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL
Associate Fellows, Data For…?, Digital Curation Institute, University of Toronto, CA

 “N.N. (Nomen Nomiandum)”, in Doing Research, edited by Sandra Hofhues and Konstanze Schütze, Transcript-Verlag, DE

“The Meltionary”, in More Posthuman Glossary, edited by Goda Klumbytė, Emily Jones and Rosie Braidotti, Bloomsbury Academic, UK

“Ice, Water, Vapor Computing”, in Digital Gender. De:mapping Politics. Speculating with 30 Objects (AT), edited by Julia Bee, Irina Gradinari and Katrin Köppert, Spector Books, DE

“Con(fuse)ing and Re(fusing) Barriers”, in APRJA (A Peer Reviewed Journal About) edition: Research Refusal, Vol. 10 No. 1, edited by
Christian Ulrik Andersen & Geoff Cox, <>


workshop & group exhibition: “Presence-Past, Presence-Presence, Presence-Future: Trans* and Disabled Timelines”, Sonic Acts Biennale ‘one sun after another’, curated by Margarita Oispian, W139, Amsterdam, NL

group exhibition: in Commoning, with the work” Non-Disposable Timelines: Zeitgebers against the clock”, The New Alphabet School, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, DE

workshop & group exhibition: “Clocks built of sand: Moving time-times”, Training for the Future: We Demand A Million More Years, curated by Florian Malzacher and Jonas Staal, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, IT

solo exhibition & workshop series: “Conspiring Timelines: Shimmering Temporalities” within the series: Aurora. A platform on ecology, interdependence and mutual aid, TIER - The Institute for Endotic Research, Berlin, DE